Your journey to learn and architect Azure Stack Hub starts here!

In this course you learn about how to architect an Azure Stack Hub environment. You will learn about integration, management and capacity of your deployment.

  • Learn at your own pace about architecting an Azure Stack Hub environment

  • Learn about, identity, network & capacity planning (and much more...)

  • In person training would be equal to a 2 day course

  • Mark is involved from day 1 in the Azure Stack community and led many classes even before Azure Stack went GA

  • Bonus material included including 2 hour consultancy on your architecture

Watch Intro Video

- Azure Stack Hub Architect -

What we are going to cover...

Bonus material

Included in this course is an architecture review

  • Step 1

    Follow the course and in the end download the assignment to architect your environment

  • Step 2

    A review will take place by me and a team of experts

  • Step 3

    In an 2 hour one on one call we will go over your design and answer any other questions you have regarding the design

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Consultant & Microsoft MCT & MVP

Mark Scholman

Mark Scholman, works as a freelance Microsoft Azure consultant and is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Azure MVP. His focus is on Microsoft Cloud technology including Azure, The Azure Stack Family and the System Center components that are involved in the Hybrid Cloud offerings. Mark is also active in the IT community on his blog and blogs on the Azure Stack blog Mark is an author of the book Azure Hybrid Cloud Unleashed and speaks at several events such as Experts Live and local user groups including meetups and the Windows Azure User Group (WAZUG).